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Alan J. Simons, MD, FACC, FSCAI

Personal Information

Date of Birth: March 4, 1959
Social Security Number: 
Citizenship: United States
Marital Status: Married (Deborah Simons)
Dependents: Three children:  Matthew, Alexis and Sara  

Undergraduate Education

University of North Carolina at Greensboro; BA Chemistry, Cum Laude, 1981

Medical Education

St. George’s University School of Medicine, 1981-83
New York Medical College, M.D., 1983-85


Sophomore Scholars, 1978
Junior Scholars, 1979
Dean's List, 1978-81
Cum Laude
Medical School; Pediatrics, Nephrology, Neurology, Medicine (Clinical), Surgery (Clinical)


The William F. Grupe Foundation Award for the Advancement of Medical Education, 1983

Postgraduate Medical Education   

Internship: SUNY-HSC Syracuse, Internal Med, 1985-86
Residency: SUNY-HSC Syracuse, Internal Med, 1986-88
Chief Res.: SUNY-HSC Syracuse, Internal Med, 1988-89
Cardiology Fellowship: SUNY-HSC Syracuse, 1989-1992


New York Heart Center, 1000 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY  13210; Cardiologist
7/1/92 - 6/30/96
SJH Cardiac Catheterization Associates, P.C.; 4820 W. Taft Road, Liverpool, NY  13088; Cardiologist, 7/1/96 – present
Founding Partner angioLink 1999-2004
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Medical Director, Catheterization Laboratory; 4/1/10- present

Hospital Affiliations                                                 

St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, NY


American College of Physicians - Fellow
American Society of Internal Medicine
American College of Cardiology - Fellow
American Heart Association
Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions - Fellow

Board Certification                                                  

American Board of Internal Medicine - 1988
ABIM-Cardiovascular Disease - 1991 (recertification 2001, 2011)
ABIM-Interventional Cardiology – 1999 (recertification 2009)

Other Board Affiliations

Board of Regents, Lemoyne College, Syracuse, NY
Executive Committee, Internal Medicine, St. Joseph’s Hospital.
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Hospital Foundation Board Member; 1/1/09- present
Interventional Medical Advisory Board, Abbott Medical.

National Committee Participation

SCAI  Quality Improvement Committee 2014-


New York State # 169408-1


LeMoyne College, Physician’s Assistant Program

  1. Precept P.A. Students – 2005 - Present

National Presentations

1.         Simons Alan, Moses Arnold.  Identifying Risk Factors in Diuretic-Induced Hypoatremia.  Finalist in The American College of Physicians Associate Poster Competition.  San Francisco, California 1989.

2.         Simons AJ, Carlson R, Hare CL, et al.  The Use of Transesophageal Echocardiography in Patients with Embolic Disease.  Second Place in The American College of Physicians Upstate Scientific, Associate Poster Competition. Syracuse, NY  1990

3.         Simons AJ.  Survey: The Effects of Proposition 405 on Residency Training on Internal Medicine Residents in New York.
Presented to The Governor's Council of Graduate Medical Education for the State of New York.  New York, NY 1990.

4.         SCAI 2014 “How I Improved the World Using the SCAI-QIT” May 29.2014, Las Vegas,                 Nevada


1.         Simons AJ, Carlson R, Hare CL, et al.  The Use of Transesophageal Echocardiography in Patients with Embolic Disease, Am H J, 123, 1, 1992: 224-226.

2.         Simons AJ, Arrazoza E, Hare CL, et al.  A Circumferential Dissection in a Young Woman.  AM H J, 123, 1992, 1077-79.

3.         Rao K, Simons AJ, et al.  Migration of a Kimray-Greenfield Filter into the Pulmonary Artery; Localization by Transesophageal Echocardiography. Am H J, 125, 1993, 543-544.

4.         Simons AJ.  Editorial Reply.  Am H J 124; 1992, 1665.

5.         Creator and Editor of The Associate, a newsletter for associate members of the American College of Physicians in Upstate New York. (This has been used as a model for the development of a national newsletter for associates).

6.         Caputo R, Giambartolomei A, Simons A, Grant W, Esente P.  Successful Transradial Cardiac Catheterization Performed in Patients with prior Brachial Intervention.  October 7-11, 1998, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. To be published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

7.         Caputo R, Giambartolomei A, Simons A, Grant W, Esente P.  Successful Transradial Cardiac Catheterization Performed in Elderly Patients.  October 7-11, 1998, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. To be published in the American Journal of cardiology.

8.         Simons A, Caputo R, Esente P, Giambartolomei A, Bowser M, Reger M, Walford G.  An Unusual Complication During Deployment of a Multi-Link Stent: A Case Report.  Cathet and Cariovasc Diagn 1999 (in press).

9.         Caputo R, Giambartolomei A, Simons A, Grant W, Fedele K, Esente P.  Transradial Cardiac Catheterization in Elderly Patients. Am J Cardiol 1998;82 (7A):36S.

10.       Caputo RC, Simons A, Giambartolomei A, Grant W, Fedele K, Esente P.  Transradial Cardiac Catheterization in Patients with Prior Brachial Artery Cutdown.  Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 48:271-274, No. 3, November 1999.

11.       Caputo R, Giambartolomei A, Simons A, Esente P, Keriakes D, Ho K, Carrozza JP, St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, NY; Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA.  Small vessel stenting - Comparison of modular vs. slotted tube design.  Six month results from the EXTRA Trial.  JACC 2000; 35:56A, 1130-89.

12.       Caputo R, Simons A, Giambartolomei A, Grant W, Fedele K, Abraham S, Reger MJ, Walford GD, Esente P.  Transradial cardiac catheterization in elderly patients.  Cathet and Cardiovasc Interv 51:287-290 (2000). 

Editorial Positions

American Journal of Cardiology
Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions


  1. The use of transesophageal echocardiography in measuring aortic distensibility in the swine model.  1990-1991.
  2. GUSTO II and IIB - Principal Investigator
  3. GUSTO III - Principal Investigator
  4. STARS (JJIS), 1995-6; co-investigator
  5. Stent PAMI (JJIS), 1997-1998; co-investigator
  6. NIRVANA (Boston Scientific), 1997-1998; co-investigator
  7. NIRON, 1998; co-investigator
  8. EXTRA (USCI stent), 1997-1999; co-investigator
  9. CADILLAC Trial, 1997-1999; co-investigator
  10. SPORT Trial, 1998-1999; co-investigator
  11. BETA CATH, 1998-1999; co-investigator
  12. START Trial, 1999; co-investigator
  13. NICEI Trial, 1999; co-investigator
  14. ATLAS Trial, 1999-ongoing; co-investigator
  15. PREDICT Trial, 1999; co-investigator
  16. SAFER Trial, 1999-ongoing; co-investigator
  17. RAPIER, 2000; co-investigator
  18. NICE 3, 2000; co-investigator
  19. PAMI LV MURAL THROMBUS, 2000; co-investigator
  20. ENTIRE, 2000; co-investigator
  21. SWING TRIAL, 2000-2003; co-investigator
  22. SIRIUS TRIAL, 2001-ongoing; co-investigator
  23. FIRE TRIAL, 2001-2004; co-investigator
  24. SPLASH TRIAL, 2001-2003; co-investigator
  25. SYNERGY, 2001-2004; Principal Investigator
  26. VISION STUDY, 2001-2003; co-investigator
  27. TAXUS IV-SR, 2002-ongoing; co-investigator
  28. NIRFLEX STUDY, 2002-2003; co-investigator
  29. STAMINA STUDY, 2003; co-investigator
  30. BLAZE TRIAL, 2003; co-investigator
  31. SIRIUS DIRECT STUDY, 2003-2004; co-investigator
  32. BOSS STUDY, 2003; co-investigator
  33. ENLIGHTEN II STUDY, 2003-2004; co-investigator
  34. SIRIUS 4.0MM, 2003-ongoing; co-investigator
  35. ENDEAVOR III, 2004-ongoing; co-investigator
  36. MICHANGELO: OASIS 5, 2004; co-investigator
  37. SPIDER, 2004; co-investigator
  38. EVENT Registry, 2004-ongoing; co-investigator
  39. DEScover Registry, 2004; co-investigator
  40. ENDEAVOR IV, 2005- co-investigator
  41. SPIRIT III, 2005- co-investigator
  42. FACTOR Study, 2005; co-investigator
  43. DELTA MI Study, 2005; co-investigator
  44. SHINE Study, 2005; co-investigator
  45. FUSION II, 2006; co-investigator
  46. ZoMaxx II Study, 2006-ongoing; co-investigator
  47. PATRIOT Study, 2006-ongoing; co-investigator
  48. SPIRIT IV Study, 2007-ongoing; co-investigator
  49. Current/OASIS 7, -ongoing; co-investigator
  50. CYPHER ELITE, 2007; co-investigator
  51. EDUCATE STUDY, 2010; co-investigator
  52. PROTECT CA, 2008; co-investigator
  53. SUPERB, 2009; co-investigator
  54. TAXUS PERSEUS (WH and SV), 2008; co-investigator
  55. TRACER, 2008; co-investigator
  56. XIENCE V (US AND DAPT), 2008; co-investigator
  57. HCRI DAPT, 2010; co-investigator